Welcome to TCA

The Classical Anthology is a collection of beautiful, inspiring and memorable passages from Greek and Latin literature, each with a translation so that anyone can enjoy them and share them. It includes anything written in Greek or Latin, from earliest times to the present day.

The anthology is for anyone to enjoy and anyone can contribute, whether you have a Doctorate, did Latin for a year at school, or none at all. The more contributions the better!

The aim of the anthology is to celebrate all things Classical by enabling people to share their favourite passages with each other so that readers can revisit well-loved passages and discover authors or works new to them. So if you have specialist knowledge of a particular author, please share your enthusiasm by suggesting some passages.

The anthology also aims to give an introduction to the great Classical authors for those who are new to them. Therefore each passage comes with a faithful translation which readers can use to help them understand the original.

Please contribute!

Passages can be any length from 2 lines to 200 lines but the best length is probably about 30-40 lines. You can send us the actual passage or just the line numbers and we’ll do the rest.

If possible, please recommend a translation; more literal translations are more helpful when reading the original but you may have a favourite version which is less literal. We cannot guarantee to use translations as there may be copyright issues but will do our best. Alternatively, please do send us your own translations.

It would be great if you could include a couple of introductory sentences explaining what makes this passage special.

We would like to put contributors’ names at the bottom of the passage, with brief details of their country and their Classical background if appropriate. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine – see the form for more details.

Please fill in the form here or email the same information to j.mason@sjsg.org.uk.

Please let friends and colleagues know about The Classical Anthology – we hope to have a worldwide circle of contributors.

Future Plans

Another long term aim is to publish a selection of these passages in a book. If so, everyone who has contributed to the site will be acknowledged in the introduction, even if their particular passage is not included in the printed selection.

Contact us!

For more information, email Jane Mason at j.mason@sjsg.org.uk.