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Priapus Poems (contributed by Gaia Brusasco)

The Priapea is a collection of Latin poems of unknown authorship.  The mostly-short poems are dedicated to or written about the god Priapus, an unrealistically well-endowed minor deity of fertility.  Statues of Priapus were placed in gardens both to encourage fertility and to warn off thieves with an implied threat of rape. The Priapea was […]

Latin Love and Lust Epigram: Inscriptions from the Walls of Pompeii (contrbuted by Amelia W. Eichengreen)

In AD 79 Vesuvius erupted burying Pompeii in ash, preserving the city like a time-capsule for future scholars.  Since its re-discovery, Pompeii has attracted multitudes of tourists, archaeologists and classicists alike.  A rich supply of what may be learned from Pompeii lies in the graffiti, which provide insightful information into the thoughts of the average […]

Sulpicia Poem 1 (contributed by Terry Walsh)

This is a wonderfully triumphant cri de coeur, at once defiant, feminine and feminist; the slight awkwardness of the Latin is touching. Terry Walsh   Tandem venit amor, qualem texisse pudori quam nudasse alicui sit mihi fama magis. Exorata meis illum Cytherea Camenis attulit in nostrum deposuitque sinum. Exsolvit promissa Venus: mea gaudia narret,                5 […]