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Women who hate, women who kill: 1. Clytemnestra – Agamemnon 1372-1398

Once he was back from the Trojan war, Clytemnestra killed her husband Agamemnon. Some years before, she exiled (or, according to another version of the myth, failed to kill her son) Orestes, born from their union.”Nothing else is more dreadful and more horrible than a woman who puts such deeds into her heart”, says the […]

Aeschylus Agamemnon 72-82 (contributed by Zachary McGar)

“Gorgeous” is not likely to be the first adjective that one would use to describe either Aeschylus or his work, but his writing exhibits a staggering, almost uncalled-for beauty. If I were to judge a competition between him and Euripides, Euripides wouldn’t make it past the first round. In this passage the old men of […]