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Flowing Time – Mimnermus, Seneca and Petrarch (contributed by Domenico Crea)

The three fragments here displayed deal with the theme of the flowing of time. Over the centuries, this theme has become really dear to several poets who, despite their belonging to different historical periods, have shown their feelings and their regret about the brief and fast course of life and about the decay that time […]

Ibycus 7 (contributed by Mariangela Labate)

A lover is like an old horse reluctant to race In this fragment Ibycus is worried about being once again a victim of Love and of his irresistibile enticements, just like an old horse who is reluctant to race, despite a glorious past, with plenty of success. Love is represented as an obscure, irrational, magical […]

Ibycus | Fragment 6 (contributed by Mariangela Labate)

Fr. 6 D. = 286 P. Mariangela Labate Head of Classics ἦρι μὲν αἵ τε Κυδώνιαι μαλίδεϛ ἀρδόμεναι ῥόαι τʹ ἐκ ποταμῶν, ἵνα Παρθένων κᾶποϛ ἀκήρατος, αἵ τ’ οἰνανθίδες αὐξόμεναι σκιεροῖσιν ὑφ’ ἕρνεσιν οἰναρέοιϛ θαλήθοισιν. ἐμοὶ δ’Ἔρος οὐδεμίαν κατάκοιτος ὥραν· ‹ἀλλ’ ἅ› θ’ὑπὸ στεροπᾶϛ φλέγων Θρηΐκιοϛ βόρεαϛ αἴσ- -σων παρὰ Κύπριδοϛ ἀζαλέαιϛ μανί- -αισιν ἐρεμνὸϛ […]