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Hesiod ‘Works and Days’ 54-105 (Contributed by Emanuele Pezzani)

This is Hesiod’s account of Pandora’s myth in the Works and Days and there is barely a mention of the famous jar, a story which he had previously told in the Theogony. The whole passage carries an unusual, Archaic vigour, in Zeus’s ominous words and laugh, in the long list of gods who provide Pandora […]

Theogony 22-34 (Contributed by Sarah Cassidy)

Hesiod’s enchanting proem provides a great insight into the tradition of divine inspiration in Greek poetry and also presents us with some interesting hermeneutical issues, such as the exact meaning of lines 26-28 (Is Hesiod admitting to a concept of fiction, that the muses pick and choose whom they impart truth to, or is Hesiod […]