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Sappho Fragment 58 (Contributed by Andrew Bellon)

Some of the text was newly recovered from a Cologne University scroll. The scroll was used as Egyptian mummy cartonnage and is the earliest known Sappho text, written some 300 […]

Sappho Fragment 2, ‘The apple grove’ (Contributed by Andrew Bellon)

The musical language of this fragment has always haunted me, especially the second stanza. The ἐν δ’ ὔδωρ ψῦχρον κελάδει δι’ ὔσδων μαλίνων, creates a startling and sonorous spatial depth […]

Sappho and the Moon (contributed by Terry Walsh)

Sappho, the mystical poetess of the 7th century BC, has some beautiful lyrics about the night. The Moon was believed by the ancients to be the controller of all things […]

Sappho Fragment 31 (contributed by Mariangela Labate)

This is one of the most appreciated poems of classical antiquity; in fact it has been imitated and revised by many poets (see Catullus, Carmina 51). The first lines of […]