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Let it Go (Disney’s Frozen) in Classical Greek (Contributed by Students of the University of Auckland)

This is a hilarious Greek take on the Disney song from Frozen by Classics students at the University of Auckland. Enjoy!   χιων λαμπει λευκη ἐφ ὁρου οὐ στιβος τις […]

ΚΑΛΛΙΠΑΤΕΙΡΑ by Λόρεντσος Μαβίλης (1860-1912) (Contributed by Armand D’Angour)

This modern Greek poem takes up the ancient Greek story of Kallipateira, a noblewoman who infiltrated herself into the Olympic Games dressed as a man to watch her son compete […]

Pindaric Ode by Armand D’Angour

This Pindaric Ode was commissioned by Boris Johnson for the 2012 Olympics and follows Dr D’Angour’s previous ode for  the Athens Olympics in 2004. The wordplay is great fun, especially […]