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de rerum natura 1.62-79: Lucretius’ devotion to Epicurus

This famous passage from the first book of Lucretius’ de rerum natura is that in which Lucretius describes the philosophical feat of Epicureanism. The eminently spatial description of this epistemic mission is, for me, what makes the passage such a striking one. In the following five books, Lucretius will construct one of the most ambitious […]

The Return of Spring – Lucretius, Catullus and Horace (contributed by Viviana La Russa and Simona Borrello, with further contribution by Eugenia Russell)

Lucretius was the first author of Latin literature that dealt with the topòs of “The return of spring” in a passage of his poem “De Rerum Natura” (I vv.250-256). The author describes the landscapes that become green again, the changing weather and the feeling of happiness given by the new season. This theme was resumed […]

Lucretius, De rerum natura I. 80-101 (contributed by Terry Walsh)

I have always admired Lucretius’ stern and rational epicureanism, so different from the orthodox classical belief. (And Emanuele’s Cicero passage needs a counterblast!) Terry Walsh     Illud in his rebus vereor, ne forte rearis                                      80 impia te rationis inire elementa viamque indugredi sceleris. quod contra saepius illa religio peperit scelerosa atque impia facta. […]