Ibycus | Fragment 6 (contributed by Mariangela Labate)

Fr. 6 D. = 286 P.

Mariangela Labate
Head of Classics

ἦρι μὲν αἵ τε Κυδώνιαι

μαλίδεϛ ἀρδόμεναι ῥόαι τʹ

ἐκ ποταμῶν, ἵνα Παρθένων

κᾶποϛ ἀκήρατος, αἵ τ’ οἰνανθίδες

αὐξόμεναι σκιεροῖσιν ὑφ’ ἕρνεσιν

οἰναρέοιϛ θαλήθοισιν. ἐμοὶ δ’Ἔρος

οὐδεμίαν κατάκοιτος ὥραν·

‹ἀλλ’ ἅ› θ’ὑπὸ στεροπᾶϛ φλέγων

Θρηΐκιοϛ βόρεαϛ αἴσ-

-σων παρὰ Κύπριδοϛ ἀζαλέαιϛ μανί-

-αισιν ἐρεμνὸϛ ἀθαμβής

ἐγκρατέως πεδόθεν †φυλάσσει†

ἀμετέραϛ φρέναϛ



In spring time, Kydonian apple trees,

sprinkled by the stream of the rivers,

just there, in the untouched garden of the nymphs,

just there, where wine leaves grow

in the shadow of vine shoots,

are in full bloom. For me, instead, Love

in no season provides any rest;

but like a lightening flame

the Thracian northern wind,

blustering from Cyprus

with blazing insanities,

mysterious, dauntless,

firmly and deeply shields our souls.


The monument devoted to Ibycus in the promenade of Reggio Calabria

Chosen and translated by Mariangela Labate.


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